This page contains a number of old Applescripts. Most of them should work until at least Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Consider the applescripts on this page public domain. If you live in a country were "public domain" is not a valid license, my standard license applies (see footer). In extension to the applicable license, I hereby explicitly grant anyone the right to download, change, modify, distribute, sell, and do practically anything they want with the applescripts on this page. Still, however, no liability or guarantee given.

The script "Peek-o-Matic" appears to have quite a lot of users. So, if you choose to bring this script back to life under Lion, you'll surely be their hero.

Make Nifty Box NoteDownload Make Nifty Box Note

Download Make Nifty Box Note

Peek-O-Matic Download Peek-o-Matic

Attention Skype users: Skype supports call forwarding, which may offer a much better solution to the problem you're trying to solve (Tools > Options > Calls > Call Forwarding. You need to have Skype Credit or a subscription to activate call forwarding). Thanks, Juerg, for pointing this out.

August 2011: Peek-O-Matic seems to have ceased working under Mac OS X 10.7 Lion. So you might want to check out some alternatives, such as le script Run As by Joseph Beeson.

June 2010: Miklas Njor wrote a very nice how-to on setting up a second Skype account with peek-o-matic.

Feb 2010: I have done my best to have this script work under Snow Leopard. The script is essentially a hack that tries to achieve unsupported behaviour on Mac OS X. Therefore, there may still be some problems, such as dialogs sometimes not showing up . Also, it has been reported that Skype has problems accessing the Keychain when started with this script. If these problems occur on your system, you can alternatively try Peek-O-Matic for Admins (which needs administrator privileges). Good luck!

A note to Skype users: If you experience problems with sound input or output, try logging out the background user before launching Skype through Peek-O-Matic. Thanks, Michael, for reporting this problem and its fix.

Download Peek-O-Matic or download Peek-O-Matic for Admins

Process with… Download Process with…

Download Process with…

QuickMount Download QuickMount

Download QuickMount (In German, but I'm sure you'll handle)

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